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Talcher-II (4*500 MW) generation project of NTPC is located in Orissa. All the units of the generation project are already in operation. Earlier total power from this project was allocated to the states of Southern Region. Subsequently in April 2007 power allocation of Talcher-II has been revised.

For power evacuation from this project to the Southern Region a +/- 500kV 200MW HVDC bi-polar line from Talcher in Eastern Region to Kolar in Southern Region and 400 kV lines beyond Kolar have been plant and in operation however, under contingency of outage of one pole of HVDC line, there is constraint in evacuation of power from Talcher-II to Southern Region. An outage of one pole also causes jerk in Eastern-Western-Northern Region which are operating in synchronism and result in overloading on some of the transmission lines in Eastern and Western Regions. The Talcher- Behrampur– Gazuwaka 400 kV D/C line with series compensation and switching station at Behrampur and the Talcher - Rourkela 400 kV D/C Quad line have been evolved to augment the Talcher-II Transmission System so as to provide a backup system to meet the contingency outage of one pole and increase the reliability of the system. With this system, it would be possible to schedule the power flow on Talcher - Kolar HVDC and Gazuwaka HVDC back to back in such a manner that the reliable evacuation of power from Talcher-II would be ensured.

Project Elements

1. Talcher II- Rourkela 400 kV D/C Quad line

2. Talcher II – Behrampur 400 kV D/C line

3. Behrampur-Gazuwaka 400 kV D/C line

4. Behrampur 400 kV Switching Station

Name of project specific SPV

Talcher-II Transmission Company Limited

Name of the successful Bidder

M/s Reliance Power Transmission Limited

Date of transfer of SPV to successful Bidder/Effective Date


Scheduled COD of the Project


Levelized Transmission tariff of successful Bidder

Rs.1440 million per annum , for a period of 25 years from Schedule COD


Result of financial bids

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